Pantheon is a Latino owned and operated fitness brand, with high quality apparel designed to empower every individual to feel apart of a family community. Pantheon is a Greek word which means a community/family of remarkable individuals. We all have our own journey in life. Although, the journey isn’t always easy, we are remarkable and can overcome anything. 

The siblings, Eddy and Selenne Arista emigrated to the United States looking for a better lifestyle with their family, after facing extreme hardship in their home country, Mexico. The Arista family arrived in Reno, Nevada, known as “The Biggest Little City In The World.” 

Selenne’s fitness journey began after successfully overcoming cancer (Acute Myeloid Leukemia). During, her battle with cancer, she had to undergo many chemotherapy treatments which did major damage to her body that she lost all her hair, had a lowered immune system, and lost a ton of weight. Looking at herself being bald and losing weight was so difficult for her to take in. Her body had gone through so much that it lead to her self-esteem hitting rock bottom, feeling insecure in her own skin, and did not know how to bounce back from that. However, she was determined to achieve her fitness goals and gain her confidence back, just how she was determined to overcome cancer. 

After witnessing his sister’s battle with cancer, Eddy helped Selenne gain her confidence back and began training together. During that process they gained friendships in the gym and became a part of a special gym community in their town. They both then started Pantheon because they believed that they could create a bigger community and family.



Our mission is to provide high quality apparel designed to empower every individual to feel confident and comfortable, whether it’s in or out of the gym. We do not make products in large quantities, but rather make unique and distinctive products that each individual can rock with pride.

Earned, Never Given.

Join the Family.



Philippians 4:13